Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I went surfing on Sunday!

I've been staying at Dharma farms, but I stayed in the Hilo house for a few days.  It was nice to hang out with some of the Hilo crew.
I went surfing with Allan Yoza on Sunday.  He has spare surf boards lying around the house, and so I grabbed a leash, jumped in the back and we were on our way.  I'd seen Honoli'i before from the highway, but never been surfing.
It was a great day.  The waves were about waist high, and the sun was out with little or no wind.  There were turtles everywhere.  I caught a bunch of smaller waves on the inside, and then paddled around in the river.
We stayed for about an hour and then we headed home for grinds.  We went around the back way out of Honolii which was a really beautiful scenic route.
On the way home Allan Yoza was talking about how he surfs Hilo bay when the waves get good enough.  This is about 4 times a year.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dharma Farms

Hey guys, I've been busy as hell.  I'm staying at Dharma Farms and it has been great.

I started out in Hilo and I met with Allan Yoza.  He introduced me to the farm crew and we started out by loading some Noni keikis (small noni trees) on the truck.  We did a little bit of mulching in the garden.  I worked up a sweat pretty fast.  Allan was full of tips and he told me is has been posting his gardening tips online.  Check out Allan Yoza's Gardening Tips.

Someone made sandwiches and drinks while we finished up.  We had the refreshments and I was getting to know the other workers.  They are a jovial bunch. 

Dharma Farm was bigger than I expected.  It's actually several farms.  There were cabins errected and I had a choice between the cabin on the hill, or the treehouse.  I took the cabin on the hill.  Check out the pictures section at the Dharma Farms website.

The cabin was well screened and had a great view.  I put my stuff in the cabin and then headed back to the truck to do some work.  We worked at "lava land" which was actually very beautiful.  We had a view of the lava flow while we harvested ripe noni fruits

The work was at a steady pace, not too hard, but not too boring either.  I talked with Allan Yoza about farming techniques.  He uses a lot of organic fertilizers, mulch, and love to make his farm bountiful.  

We worked until dark (3 hours) and I had collected some liliqoi, ripe noni for my own brew, and some dirt in my finger nails.  I felt good.  This is the life.   The sun had just set when we hopped on the truck and headed back to Dharma.  

After a shower, we headed down the road for some meditation and pizza!  I'm ready to drop like a sack of noni, so I'll write more about it later.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

I might stay longer.

I've already been on the island for two weeks and it feels like just a few days.  I've been staying at hostels and doing some camping.

I checked out Mauna Kea, Volcano Park, and Captain Cook in Kona, and South Point.  Here is a picture of Green Sands in South Point.  The sand has Olivine in it (a semi-precious stone) and so it is green!
I want to stay longer because there is so much to see and do.  I haven't even explored Hilo yet, or the Hamakua.  I've heard amazing things about a place called Waipio Valley.
I talked to Allan Yoza, who is  a farm owner, and I might stay on his farm.  He said it was in Puna, which I haven't been to yet.  He does a work exchange program and it sounds like it will be a good way for me to stay on the island without increasing my expenses.